How We Do It

We know the many ways that people work and interact. We know the information needed and decisions to be made. We know the questions that you need to ask – even if you don’t. Our process allows us to truly understand your business, its culture and philosophies and design a space to match.

Uncover your needs

We start with a conversation. Understanding your business allows us to see opportunities to use space as a tool for changing how your employees engage with their work and customers engage with your business. We listen and stimulate discussion. Our goal is to ensure you can make confident decisions that are right for the future of your business.

Find your new home

If you're moving to a new building or know that you need to, we can help. Are you a tenant or building owner? Looking for space or trying to negotiate a lease? We develop preliminary plans to help secure the right type and amount of space for your needs.

Nail down requirements

Together we'll figure out the details of what your space needs. This is where we think through each room's purpose and function. If you know what you have isn’t working, but don’t know what you need, we ask questions and observe how people work in your existing space to figure out what needs to change.

Design space layouts

After we understand the goals of the project, we create floor plans and sketches. We'll also select materials and colours that reflect your company brand, culture, and values. We look first to products that are healthy and sustainable.

We'll sit down with you to review the layout and image. If something's not quite right, we'll make quick modifications.

Check in on budget

What good is a beautiful design if you can't afford it? We work with local contractors to confirm the construction budget before moving any further.

Create contract documents

You have now made 80% of your decisions. Now we create blueprints and specifications that will allow you to obtain all the necessary permits and enable a contractor to price and build your project. We can also help with tender administration and suggest the best construction methods to match your budget and timeline.

Ensure our vision is executed

During construction we are on-site regularly, answering questions and working with you and the Contractor to troubleshoot and get the space built.

Fill the space

A space that suits your business needs furniture that suits your business. We can help with the selection and purchase of furniture and artwork that works for you. If you have furniture you want to re-use, we can recommend how to use it to its full potential in your new space.

Move in

Change can be stressful. We can help facilitate the discussions between you and your employees to make the move exciting instead of daunting. We can provide change management and guidance to help you prepare for the move. We can also help secure a mover and coordinate the move for you.