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Sleek and modern office interior showcasing Blue Graphite's design expertise for a functional and stylish workspace in Edmonton.

Edmonton Interior Design Company

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Innovative, Creative, and Effective Interior Design

Your Space Is More Than A Backdrop To Your Business...

...It's a narrative for your brand.

Let's collaborate to craft a space that empowers your business and tells your story. Meet Tricia McClaflin - owner, Licensed Interior Designer, and the creative force behind Blue Graphite Licensed Interior Design Ltd. With an eye for aesthetics and a drive for functionality, I draw from 20 years of experience and technical knowledge designing commercial interiors to craft one-of-a-kind spaces for the success of your business.

Latest Projects


Crafting Spaces for Your Business Story

When designing spaces, one size doesn’t fit all - each business holds a unique story. I’m here to translate yours into spatial narrative, focusing on solutions that resonate with your specific objectives and meet your operational demands. I provide expert guidance, offering you options and advice so you can make informed decisions that are right for your business.

Where Business and Design Converge

Business is about people – your space should be too. Good design is transformative – it shapes how people interact and connect. I offer strategic solutions to enhance your business environment and improve lives, ensuring every design decision maximizes user experience, enhances function, cultivates human connection, and boosts wellbeing. 

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Want to learn more?

Let’s connect and explore how I can work with you to transform your vision into an exceptional space for your business.


Where Passion Meets Design Purpose

Owner of Blue Graphite Interior Design Ltd., Tricia McClaflin.

Tricia McClaflin, Owner

Licensed Interior Designer


I’m propelled by the drive to enhance lives through thoughtful design. Combining beauty with sustainability and function, I guide my clients towards effective design solutions that support people and elevate business.

Strategic Insight

As an experienced Licensed Interior Designer, I offer a wealth of knowledge to streamline your design journey.


Business Mindset

I bring a business owner’s perspective, and I’m cheering for your success.


Collaborative Ethos

Your vision and input is central to the process.


Commitment to Excellence

Expect attention to detail and dedication to your project’s timeline and budget.


Community Advocate

As a local Edmontonian, I cherish my role in enriching our vibrant city and neighbouring communities. With memberships in the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA), the Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA), and Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Edmonton chapter, I consciously participate, build relationships and connections, and give back to support where we work and live.

GH_Vision Parlour-088.jpg

Crafting Spaces that Inspire

I’m excited to help turn your vision into a reality. With my expertise and your aspirations, let’s work together to craft a space that tells your story, impacts lives, and propels your business forward.

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